Monday, April 14, 2014

Inner peace

Good afternoon everyone.
ohhh it has been awhile since the last time i updated a post. so yeah, kenapa lama sangat tak update? yeah and right now it's quite hectic and havoc at the same time. Kan gua dah cakap gua havoc~ havoc~ nope, nothing havoc.

Banyak betul benda nak fikir. How i wonder, when i was a kid , ive always asked myself , oh just when am i going to grow up and start working and get married and everything. Yeah everything. But then, growing up is no cool man.

yes, im in such a freaking pain right now. Injured my leg, broke my heart. Yeah, perfectly in a painful condition. And i dont like it. But... Im sure that..

" Allah knows you're tired, Allah knows you're upset. But also, you should know that, Allah won't put you in a situation , that you can't handle "

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