Sunday, March 30, 2014

let's move

Salam everybody!
my god
is this really happening?
okay so hi, my name's nadira , u can call me dyra. Why? why "dyra" ? why not "dira" ? coz I is too mainstream, lol!

so ini macam agak awkward coz the last time i update was on the year 2012 like, phewhhh what a long long time back then. Starting from today, i will keep on updating. (yeah right.)

so yeah, old posts have been deleted coz all i wanna have is, a whole new beginning. yeah i repeat, new beginning.

nothing interesting today.

yeah, life could be as bored as it wants to be. Be the one that decides how to make it fun instead of sitting around wondering when will life be fun. Banyak jugak plan untuk this year, tapi..

Manusia hanya merancang , Sang pencipta yang menentukan .

after one plan , another plans meet failure. im actually has started losing hope, but, i taknak end up macam ni. i know i can make my life different than how it used to be. And the only key is,


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