Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In anxiety

salam everybodyy.
oh gosh i should be writing this yesterday but im just too busaaayyyy, haha!
so there's nothing much that's interesting.

so minggu ni, like 3 days in a row ive been out of home, lol, keep going in and out banks lol konon acah macam banyak sangat jee duit.

have u guys out there ever felt like, alone and in need of someone? if the answer is yes, have u guys out there ever had this special friend that had never leave but suddenly disappear? well he/she might be just a short distance and u guys could see em like almost everyday but have u guys out there ever felt the gap?

im feeling that gap.

well, have u guys ever felt that gap and then suddenly a new special friend comes into your life and kinda replace the one that created a gap. so when this new special friend came and starts making your days, the one that made the gap suddenly came back? and then u feel guilty to let em know that ure already with somebody else that is much more funnier than the previous one. have u guys ever felt that way?

well, im having that kind of feeling right now.

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